steel posts for deck steel posts for deck Steel Deck

Product Details

1.steel grating for bridge decks
3.Good drain of water quality
4.Hot dipped galvanized
5.High intensity

steel grating for bridge decks  , Heavy Duty trench cover is applied on walkway, carriageway, courtyard etc; used as cover for drainage trench, wire ditch, subway, and air pit, hot-dip-galvanizing finish is used as antiseptic. Grating trench cover is composed of fixed frame & movable grating. It can be classified to Type T, U and M according to structures.

1,Light weight,great load-bearing capacity,non-slip and safe,easy installat
2,sturdy and durable,easy to clean
1) Light weight, great load-bearing capacity, non-slip and safe, easy installation, material-economic, sturdy and durable, ventilated, easy to clean and attractive appearance.
2) steel grating are widely used by various plants such as: electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, machinery industry, shipbuilding, harbor, oceanographic engineering, building, paper mills, cement plant, medicine, spinning and weaving, foodstuff factory, transportation, municipal, administration, parking lot etc.
3) steel grating may be applied to platform, floor, walkway, stair treads, trestle, fencing, drainage, trench cover, pit cover, suspended ceiling, ventilates and light through facility, etc.
4) category: 1.common steel flat grates,2.I shape steel flat grates, 3. serrated steel flat grating